14 thing check before choosing an Elementor supported Woocommerce Theme

Online stores are becoming very popular day by day. Along with that, the demand for Elementor woocommerce theme is also increasing with a very high rate. These online stores have made our life easier. Also, it saves a lot of time.

As the competition is so high, it’s a must to make your online store the best in all possible ways. The best Woocommerce theme can make your website successfully survive the competition and lead it. You’ll get uncountable woocommerce themes online shop, free or paid.

Ever tried an elementor eCommerce theme? Well, you should try it. Choosing the best one or the perfect one isn’t a very big deal. Just go through the followings. They’ll assist you in choosing the best one.

Investigate the Followings For the Best Elementor Woocommerce Theme

When it comes to choosing the best Elementor theme, there are a few things that you should keep in your mind for sure. These facts will lead you to your desired Elementor theme and a successful online store.

What Features You Want

It’s possible that Elementor themes might have some common features. But that doesn’t mean all of them to have the same features. Features vary with the theme. So, before choosing an Elementor theme, you should know the features you want for your website.

Make a note for your desired features. Then, select your theme that matches with your features-list. If somehow you can’t find a theme that has all the features you need, in that case, makes sure it has the most essential ones.

Theme Responsiveness

Always keep in your mind that your consumers can use any kind of smart devices. If they have internet and browsing access, they will want to browse your online store using mobiles, tabs, laptops, and desktops.

So, you have to make sure the theme you’re choosing for your online store is responsive to any kind of smart widgets without any hitches. It’s highly possible to lose consumers if your site is accessible to only computers.

Theme Color

You should have a plan for how you want your site to look. It’s silly but true that visual appearance has a huge impact on online marketing maximum time. The color combination of your theme plays a vital role in visual appearance.

It can be a great idea to set your theme color according to the logo (if you have any). But, don’t force to match the color scheme with the logo. It’s always preferable to go with the most suited theme color. So, check the colors available in an Elementor theme.

Theme Font

You obviously don’t want your viewers to leave your site just because of a wrong theme font, right? Even, you should also make sure about the font while your customers navigate.

Try to use a font that your customers can easily read. Don’t decorate the site with such a font that will distract them. So, check for the most popular fonts while choosing the best Elementor theme.

The Plugin Integrations

Dedicated plugin integration is a must for your online store to make it the best. When you’re looking for your premium or free Elementor theme, keep in mind about the plugin integrations.

Make sure your Elementor theme must have such a dedicated integration that makes your site look great without any further customizations. As examples, two of the most dedicated plugins are LearnDash and LifterLMS.

Design Elements

Don’t forget to go through the design elements. You should have thorough research on the design elements your Elementor theme should have. These facts might seem less important to you.

But always remember that every single detail and corner of your online store is important for its success. It’s a must to ensure that every part of your site is amazing.

Features The Best Elementor Theme Should Have

Every Woocommerce themes has unlimited amazing features. But there are some basic features which are the most essentials. So, here, check out the features you should look for your Elementor theme.

Fast Loading

Always remember a thing that your audiences are impatient. They won’t wait long for your site to load entirely. Only your regular customers will wait if your site takes too long to load.

Get it as fast as you can that the loading time of your site has a huge impact on your conversion rate. Focus on your theme performance. How long it’s going to take to load your site. It’s never an option. It has to be fast. Even faster than most other sites.

Compatibility To All Web Browsers

You know that there are a lot of browsers and your visitors can use any of the browsers to get access to your site. There’s no one fixed browser. So, it’s not enough for your theme to be responsive to all of the devices.

Your theme has to compatible with all web browsers. Especially, you should take care of the most popular web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and many more.


You need proper online marketing for a successful online store. And, without any doubt, search engine optimization is one of the major facts for successful online marketing. You can’t neglect the fact of SEO. That’s the reason you need an SEO-friendly Elementor eCommerce theme.

So, before selecting the perfect Elementor theme for your site, check if it has SEO plugins. And, also make sure they are capable enough to optimize your website highly.


What if you’re planning to start a multilingual site? In such a case, it’s a must for your site to have a translation readyElementor theme. That’s another feature your theme should have.

So, while choosing for the best free or paid Elementor theme for your online store, don’t forget to check if its translation ready.

Even, your theme has to support RTL text if you’re planning to use RTL language in your site. Generally, it’s one of the duties of your developers to inform you when the theme is translation ready.

Accessibility Ready

Of course, you want your site to be easily available or accessible to all viewers. Don’t make them use screen readers or such devices to get access to your online store.

That’s going to drop down your site ranking and the number of your visitors as well. To get accessibility-ready, your Elementor theme should meet the WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

WordPress Customizer

Want to customize your theme? Want to use simple controls and a real-time preview? For such customization, the core function is the WordPress Customizer.

If you’re looking for a quality Elementor theme, make sure that theme supports WordPress Customizer. You never want to miss this feature if you really want your online store to be the best.

Further Tips:

  • Always read users review before choosing an Elementor eCommerce theme.
  • Don’t forget to check the information about regular updates. It’s a must.
  • Inquire about the developers, their quality, and reputations.
  • Know about the support policy.
  • You shouldn’t choose an over-featured theme for your online store.
  • Check the documentation thoroughly.
  • Make sure the theme has a strong user community.

It’s one of the important parts of an online store to have an outstanding website. Want to have a blast? Choose the best paid or free Elementor theme. Hurry up. But choose wisely with patience. Don’t let your online store down just because of your wrong-chosen Woocommerce theme.

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