The Ultimate Guide to Server & Web Hosting

This page is a catch-all guide to the hosting or server issue of your website. Every site, however big or small, needs good hosting or server-side solution. It pays to get it right. Whether you’re doing it yourself or looking for someone else to do it for you, we’ll walk you through the necessary steps for getting online quickly and easily.

How to Install Nginx with Google PageSpeed, MariaDB, PHP And PhpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 20.04

Nginx installed MySQL/MariaDB and PHP/Python bundles on the Cloud computing system. For example, it compatible with Windows, Linux, MAC, and many more. And it configured to run as a process for hosting sites, apps and more. And PageSpeed boosts site performance by variation the web resources, reduce web latency, etc… Whereas, PhpMyAdmin is open-source, famous, […]